Writerbay Plagiarism Quiz

Plagiarism Quiz



1. How many words you can take verbatim from a source without putting it in quotation marks?

  1. 5 words
  2. 1 sentence
  3. 3 words
  4. 2 words


2. Plagiarism can be tolerated under such circumstances:

  1. It was unintentional, you were in a hurry and simply lost a few references
  2. You are very skilled in this subject, so there is no need to cite a lot of things, as you know them by heart
  3. It is better to plagiarize some parts then to be late
  4. Nothing from the above mentioned is correct


3. You have noted somewhere really useful data on your topic; however, you forgot to write down the source. Your actions are:

  1. You will find a source with somehow similar information and cite it
  2. You will summarize the data and don’t include any citation
  3. You will try to find the original source, but if you don’t manage to find it you will still use the data as it supports your point very effectively
  4. You will try to find the original source, and if you don’t manage to find it you will not use the data


4. Mashup is the type of plagiarism which takes place when:

  1. Writer copy pastes the information from the source without giving credit to the author
  2. Writer takes the information from multiple sources, combines it and forgets to cite them all properly
  3. Writer takes the information from one source and cites another one which contains somewhat similar information
  4. Writer changes few words in a paragraph and provides correct citation


5. How to properly paraphrase the paragraph?

  1. To interchange the words around so it differs from the original piece of information and to put it in quotes;
  2. To write the same thing mentioned in a source in different words and to insert in-text citation
  3. To interpret the information you have read, to write your own thoughts regarding the issue and to put in-text citation
  4. To copy the information from the source and then provide your personal interpretation. To cite it with the in-text citation

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